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It's no great surprise that website design and development is a

core requirement for many of our clients.

As we all know, for most organisations it’s the most important marketing tool in their armoury, providing that all-important first impression of their business to potential customers.



Not only that, it has to be easy to navigate in a logical and seamless fashion – and when a customer is ready to make the next move, whatever that might be, the relevant call to action needs to be ready to hand.

Of course, a website is much more than just a shop window. It’s an entire shop. Potential customers like to have a good browse around to get a better feel for the type of business you are, which means they like to click around your website to find out more about your products and services. And then – only when they are good and ready – are they likely to complete the desired call-to-action. This could be as simple as calling you up for a quick chat, emailing you to ask for more information, requesting a meeting, signing up for your newsletter, joining one or more of your social media channels, or – for

e-commerce websites – completing a purchase.

Web Design

Our specialists offer web development & support packages for:

  • Open Source applications

  • Mainstream low-code CMS (Content Management Systems) such as Wordpress, Wix, Magento, etc.

  • Drupal

  • PHP

  • Microsoft

  • Optionally we also offer mobile app development for both iOS (Apple) / Android operating systems

Most websites are designed with good intentions. They’re meant to be intuitive—but mostly from a designer's point of view. The average developer or designer doesn’t spend any time watching people use the things they’re designing.

People see the world as they are, and when they design something, they unconsciously design it for themselves—for people who have the same level of computer skills, experience using a certain interface, etc.

Getting intuitive design right starts with understanding your users. You need to figure out what’s intuitive for them, and that's just where we make the difference.





Responsive Website Design and web development FEAGLE marketing communication agency strategy Europe Belgium

A good website is one which is easy to navigate, communicates your brand story well, and looks the business from head to toe. Plus, of course, it needs to rank highly on all the important search engines – that means Google and Bing, which together account for 98% of all search traffic.

We’ll work closely with you to build a website that delivers a great user experience for all your customers, as well as having strong SEO built into the back end of the website to deliver the best possible search engine optimisation results at the same time.

Here is a checklist that explains the process we will follow when building your website –
though the exact scope of work we undertake will always be tailored to your own unique requirements, to make sure that your new website is a perfect fit and bespoke solution to meet all your needs.

Our Step-by-Step Approach





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wed design

The Essence

You will be led through the entire creative process by a member of our skilled project management team, whose job is to make sure we always deliver the best possible work on time and in budget by acting on your behalf at all times to manage the output of the creative and strategic teams.

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