• Yevheniia from FEAGLE

Think Before You Tweet

Explaining what Twitter is in 2021 is like vacuuming dunes in the Sahara Desert or catching a black cat in a dark room. Not because it is useless, but because it is meaningless. Since its launch, we all know Twitter perfectly well.

The question is, what have we learnt from 15 years of Tweets? What makes Twitter different from other social networks? What are its features and advantages in terms of marketing?

1. Capitalization of your brand. Brand capitalization is, first of all, increasing awareness. By increasing the number of subscribers and increasing your presence in the information space, you are raising your popularity. Well, fame enhances authority in the eyes of users and promotes an influx of customers.

2. Formation of the target audience. By posting information about the cultivation of cucumbers, you will attract the workers of the gardening front. By spreading information about your activities and your services, you will win the attention of stakeholders. They are the target audience. It is from their ranks that ready-made clients come out.

3. Feedback. The exchange of messages with potential customers allows you to discuss working moments, get an assessment of your services, agree on the supply of new products, etc. Communication makes life easier.

4. Product presentation. Here you are not limited in anything. Advertising, description, posting photos and videos - Twitter allows you to showcase your product from all angles and with any comments.

5. Implementation of direct or indirect sales. Again, no restrictions. You can promote your services or place direct links to the corresponding pages in online stores.

6. Promotion of corporate content and traffic growth. Sharing content from your website or blog on Twitter is a great way to boost your search rankings. External links and new readers will help push your corporate content to the top. Thus, Twitter is also an SEO optimization tool.

Twitter is trending, and multi-channel marketing promotion of products or services. Here you can increase brand awareness, find and attract an audience, and it also creates an opportunity for individual and group communication. After all, a social network is just that: social, and it cannot be the main lever for promoting a business. However, its effectiveness as a part of your multi-channel strategy can be high.

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