Pre-Trade Show Emails You Should Be Sending

Trade shows are of great importance to your brand. Although you invest substantial time and effort to send your team to attend a trade show and it's often costing you a big chunk of your marketing budget. The latter tends to raise eyebrows internally and often prompts the question whether trade show presence is worth the money. It often ends with the comment : "We just have to be there!" Basically, showcasing your presence in the market to (potential) customers is why it is deemed worthwhile. However, if people are not driven to visit your booth, you might get lost in the sheer volume of exhibitors - meaning you might as well flush your trade show budget down the toilet.

Obviously, engaging your customers and prospects prior to the event and boosting stand traffic is easier said than done. In case, you don't have an organised plan of attack, we have put together a set of sample emails to send pre-show to help your team get the desired results.

Pre-Trade Show Email Marketing: Best Practices

Before moving to templates you could implement, let's look at some best practises and some rules of thumb to keep in mind before pushing send on your pre-show emails.

Some things to take into account while drafting your trade show marketing strategy:

Set up an email calendar. Organising the content you want your contacts to know about and spreading it out in a logical and comprehensive way, is surely not wasting your time. This way you can make sure you are not over-informing them by sending emails the length of the yellow pages, avoid spamming them or falling into the trap of content repetition. Moreover, this time plan will support you in the planning of your follow-up emails. Pro Tip: with marketing automation workflows, you can even automate this process and rely on customer segmentation and personalisation.

Sync with your social media calendar. Get cracking on figuring out and implementing the trade show dedicated hashtags. Scan the information which you can crowdsource from the online trade show communication and pinpoint what part of the info adds value for your email list.

Start off by sending your first email 8 weeks prior to the show. Evidently, this is where that email calendar will begin to pay off. If you have mapped out your communication strategy in advance, you know exactly what you are sending and when on a week-by-week basis.

Do not forget to integrate your call-to-action (CTA). Whether it includes a link to visit a trade show dedicated landing page of your brand, reading up on educational content, a request for a free entrance ticket or a link to a product teaser video on YouTube - think about guiding the email user to what you want him/her to do next.

Plan, personalise and measure results via Marketing Automation workflows for email marketing. This will also place you in the position where you can employ A/B/X testingto figure out which emails get the highest OR and CTR to maximise your impact along the way. Moreover, once you have figured out your magic formula of OR and CTR optimisation, you will have gained additional knowledge on how to groom your following marketing campaigns for success.

Templates to include in your trade show marketing

Simply copy, paste and personalise (of course!) these samples and drive prospects & customers to visit your stand!

Click here to download our free Pre-Trade Show Email Marketing templates.


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