Chatbot or traditional customer service? 63% of respondents prefer interacting with a chatbot.

Automation is here to stay and is starting to become mainstream in customer experience. The statistics show that by 2025 the chatbot market will reach over $1.2 billion globally. As for now, almost half of the businesses will choose chatbots for customer care and 40% will habituate virtual assistants. Are you still not convinced to introduce such actions into your business?

Hello, I am a chat bot. How can I help?

Simply, chatbot is a software that automates the conversation with your website visitors and social media followers. It enables delivery of information the customer is looking for in a way that simulates a regular, real-time conversation with human agent. Most of chatbots work based on the predefined scripts that respond to information entered by the customer – as text or by clicking the appropriate option. As technologies using AI are getting more popular, it’s no surprise that they found their way to be used in chatbots, where by using NLP, they make the conversation even more natural.

Chatbots are widely used in: – customer service, – sales activities, – answering user questions, – virtual assistant to notify and organize and settle competitions etc.

Customers expect to have 24/7 contact with you

With constant technological and economical development, the customer journey can be unpredictable. Your customers’ behavior can be quite dynamic as a response to various rapid changes in available communication channels and in a multitude of touchpoints in modern e-business. Adding to that, 63% of respondents actually prefer messaging an online chatbot as a way to communicate with a brand. Customers primarily enjoy interacting with an interactive agent because of the 24/7 responds (round-the-clock service), immediate answers, and the possibility to find knowledge on many different topics in one place. Personalized services will conquer the hearts of your customers without a doubt. Chatbots are becoming the best link between services and their users. 

Is it worth it?

Looking through the company’s point of view, usage of any AI-based technology sounds complicated and mainly – very expensive. However, it is said that chatbots can cut operational costs by up to 30%.  Moreover, 72% of business executives claim that digital assistants are making their lives easier and allow them to focus on other issues. Your website or social media site are most likely to be visited by plenty of users simultaneously and having a machine giving all the answers is simply more efficient. Chatbots not only help you to save time and human resources, increase customer engagement but also cut operational costs of Customer Service.

Our Chatbots Solutions

Chatbots are available in our marketing automation platform for both Live Chat and FB Messenger. On the contrary to most chatbots, this one enables you not only to provide answers but also to actually sell products. Progressive Profiling enables you to gradually learn about your potential customers without being bombarded with unnecessary information. Additionally, you will accumulate even more data about contact with the dynamic contact forms. Thanks to the website automation feature, you can run different conversation scripts depending on where the customer is currently on the website. You can also take advantage of the AI product recommendations, providing the customer proposition on the offer based on its previous behaviour and similar users activity.

If you would like to know how we can support you by getting the most results out of your marketing strategy through automation and artificial intelligence, schedule your free consult here.