Adding a "Decline All" Button to Your Cookie Banner

Add a Decline All button to your cookie banner to give your visitors a quick option to reject all non-essential cookies.

Cookies are pieces of code that take not of your behaviour and preferences while visiting a website. A cookie consent banner is a notification that informs your visitors on how their cookies are being used on your site.

By enabling you cookie banner, only essential cookies are placed on your visitor's device by default. By adding a "Decline All" button, your visitors will now have 3 options for how they wish to proceed with cookies while visiting your website:

  • Accept: Your visitor accepts all non-essential cookies.

  • Decline All: Your visitor declines all non-essential cookies.

  • Settings: Your visitor has the option to customise their cookie experience. For example, they may accept functional cookies while declining marketing cookies.

For sites based in France, or sites that receive visitors from France, the French data authority (CNIL) recently revised their guidelines on cookies and similar technologies. These guidelines state that visitors should be able to refuse non-essential cookies as easily they can give consent.

To comply with the CNIL guidelines and, therefore, encourage trust from your site visitors, we recommend you add a Decline All button to your cookie banner.

Step-by-Step guide

for our users with a Wix CMS

To add a Decline All button to your cookie banner:

  1. Go to Privacy & Cookies in your site's settings.

  2. Click Edit Cookie Banner.

  3. Click the Display Cookie Banner on Site toggle.

  4. Click the checkbox beside Add a Decline All button.

  1. (Optional) Customize your Decline All button text.

  2. Click Save & Publish.

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