80% of companies improve their lead generation with marketing automation

Even though there is a variety of lead generation tools on the market, 63% of businesses still see acquiring potential customer’s data as a big marketing challenge.  Learn how using Customer Data Platforms enables companies to get more good quality leads.

Capturing the leads effectively

Regardless of whether you work in B2B or B2C marketing, the set of available lead generation is similar. The difference is in how you use them and what incentives you can offer. The key rule to get visitors’ attention and convince them to leave their data that works for both B2B and B2C is to show them that you have something they want. This is why we want to personalize the website and communication there. A lot of companies spend a lot on generating website traffic with expensive advertising and seem to forget (or do not know) how effectively increase the conversion of anonymous visitors into customer data. By using personalization in the popup and adjusting the added value to what customer was looking for, you can increase the conversion by even 160%.

Techniques for customer data acquisition

Customer Data Platforms are offering a variety of tools designed to acquire the website visitor’s data. Their success is based on the possibilities of personalizing the displayed content and showing it to the individual customer at the right time. Among the most effective you will find solutions such as:

real-time traffic analysis – by collecting and processing data you can instantly deliver content tailored to each user visiting the website; this helps to quickly react to contact’s activities with predefined communication.

dynamic pop-up – the popup each customer receives consists of content dynamically generated based on its previous activity – the message is adjusted 1-to-1 to show offers, articles, or information the visitor will be interested in.

personalized landing page – the content, banners, benefits describing the product or service can be modified based on the visit source, or previously visited articles on the website.

live chat automation – the live chat window can be configured to pop up as a reaction to specific user behavior, for instance, when they spend too much time on a given page, they get a conversation window opened with the proposition of assistance.

exit-intent campaign – engaging the users who want to leave the site without taking any action by offering them some special value may keep some of them. Combine it with dynamic content and results can be terrific.

progressive profiling forms – progressive profiling is a method that enables you to ask only for the data that you don’t already have – fewer fields to fill will boost the form conversion.

gated content / limited access offer – use additional incentives to give a visitor a reason to leave its data. First, check what he was looking for, then match it with the content in the system’s repository and show a popup with a proposition of downloading a special ebook or getting a discount for a specific product in exchange for leaving the email address.

Why Customer Data Platforms are vital in lead generation strategy

The above-mentioned tools are known on the market for some time, however, often require using multiple tools and lack the same base of information on the prospects. Each company should adjust the usage of these tools to fit its marketing strategy in accordance with the product it sells, the length of the sales process, or the visitor’s specificity. Customer Data Platforms enable marketers to make full use of the content they produce – they can design how and to whom it should be displayed and thus deliver more relevant information to the website visitors. Thanks to automation and personalization capabilities, the lead generation process is getting less random, more aware, and ready for further optimization.

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